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I called the number off the back of her pump. Since we were out of town that
was the only one we had...you would have thought that would have been it.
Regardless no one answered, we are still without a pump for four days which
is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

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At 04:51 PM 8/24/2003 Vikki Schutt wrote:
 >I just want to let everyone know how bad the Cozmo is doing for us. I am
 >calling my insurance company tomorrow to see if we can go w/ another
 >company. This is going to be our 4TH pump in less than 6 months!!!!! We
 >to VA Beach this weekend and Friday Brittany went in the water. Saturday,
 >there was water and steam in the face. Of course I cannot get through to
 >anyone on the 800# because its not their "business" hours.

Which number did you call? They claim that their support number at
1-800-826-9703 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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