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[IPp] Stubborn Lows & Viruses

 Hi all. Cole is having some weird stuff happening lately... he has been sick
since we were in AZ on 8-9-03. Remember we made that ER trip in Salt Lake City
(American Fork experience)? They determined it was a virus but I'm not so sure.
He has these bouts of vomitting that goes on & off as well as diarrehea (sp?).
Also, we are having these horrible lows (no explination at all how they occurr)
where after TWO juice boxes, 1-2 glucose tabs AND unhooking him from his pump,
he barely makes it over 90 (one time he was 44, 44 again after 15 minutes & a
juice box, 50 after 15 minutes & a juice box & then finally 95 after a glucose
tab with some crackers & cheese).
 What's up with all this?? I'm beginning to think it's more than a virus...
cancer? Sounds stupid I know but nobody should be sick as long as that. Cole's
CDE says he wants to hook him up to CGMS, we've lowered ALL his basals... I
don't know what to do or what's wrong.
I'm really worried about him... Any thoughts?

Rachel - email @ redacted


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