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Re: [IPp] leg pain

 My daughter had problems with painful muscle spasms in her legs recently. Her
serum magnesium level was quite low, and she has been on Mg. supplements since.
One of the antibiotics she was on causes loss of magnesium in the urine, but I
also read that diabetes can be associated with magnesium deficiency (which can
cause leg cramps/spasm). Might be worth asking your endocrinologist about this
Terri, mom to Tina 17 yo with CF related diabetes
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> Subject: [IPp] leg pain
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> Hi All,
> Caitlin just informed us this evening that every morning when she wakes up,
> her legs hurt.  Not terribly bad, just ache.  I asked how long this has been
> going on and she said a long time.  I finally got it out of her that it's
> been since around Christmas !?!  Her bgs since she started pumping
> (8/7/03!!) have been very good, nothing over about 190 with an average of
> around 120.  Any ideas?
> Cassi ~
> Mom to Caitlin (9 - dx'd type 1 IDDM 4/25/03), Dio (almost 12) and Megan
> (18)
> Our Sweet Okie Kids is a place for parents of children with diabetes in
> Oklahoma to come for support.
>  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/okie_parents/
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