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Re: [IPp] couple of questions


I am so sorry to hear about your daughter being in the hospital and for the 
 problems your having there. I have no medical background and so I can only give
my opinion on the matter. I honestly see both sides....I see your side as 
 legitimate and that you are more knowledgeable about Diabetes, but then I see
hospital side because more and more people are suing for malpractice or other 
reasons, and they need to protect themselves. I guess it is a very thin line. 
 When my son was in the hospital for Diabetes reasons, the doctors always had 
to call up to the endo's to double check insulin doses...so I see what you 
mean, that they don't know half as much as you do.
As far as your getting the pump and then having to wait.  We had to wait two 
weeks and I was grateful.  I had my son wear the pump on the clip, obviously 
not attached to tubing, but just around the house to get him used to wearing 
 something. And then I read a lot of books to prepare for our pump training.
the time came for us to go "live" with the pump. I felt very ready and 
learned very easily.
Good luck!
Sarah  :)   Single- Mom to Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 
and Victoria (8) Non-D...Love My kids!
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