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[IPp] couple of questions

 Thanks to everyone for their responses about their experiences with their
particular brand of pump. We are awaiting insurance approval for a Minimed pump
(hopefully she can get the newest model). But I have a couple questions:
 1. We were told that we could not schedule training for the pump UNTIL she
actually receives the pump from the company, and then it takes a month to get an
appt! Apparently there isn't enough staff available to get an appt any sooner
than that. I just find it incredibly frustrating to have a $5000. piece of
equipment for a month before getting to use it!
Is this how long others have to wait to get started on the pump?
 2. My daughter just came home from a lengthy hospital stay for a lung
infection, and fortunately she was able to use her own glucometer and
calculate/administer her own insulin (using her pen) without the need to get an
MD order prior to each dose (the nurse recorded the info on a flow sheet, which
was kept in the chart). BUT, the diabetes team is very uncomfortable with this,
and feels using her own glucometer and calculating/administering her insulin
violates hospital policies and puts the nurse at risk for liability if the wrong
dose were administered. They want every insulin dose called to the resident to
get an o.k. before it is administered. I have 2 concerns about this...one is
that the resident has a fraction of the knowledge and experience that we have
when it comes to calculating insulin doses, and the other is the length of time
it will take to go through the process of waiting for a response from the
resident. She was not in the hospital because of her diabet!
  es, and she has pretty good blood sugar control. What has been others
experience if their child is in the hospital for reasons unrelated to diabetes?
Do they let you control the diabetes management? I just find the whole issue
quite irritating. We are expected to manage all of this at home, yet rely on
others to manage things in the hospital. Feels very paternalistic.
Thanks in advance for your input.
Terri, mom of Tina 17 yo with cystic fibrosis related diabetes
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