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RE: [IPp] bubbles

Hi Carla:

1.  Bubbles - are you using room temperature insulin?  If you put cold
insulin in the syringe, it will make its own bubbles as it warms up (I
don't know why, that's just what I was told)

2.  Long Priming -- being an Animas user, I sort of know why this
happens, and I know how to prevent it.  When you put in a new syringe
the "screw" has to start measuring at the top (i.e. at 300 units) and
slowly, slowly, slowly cycles down until it hits the top of the syringe
(if your son is on small doses, you are probably only filling the
syringe up halfway, like I do for my son).  The "screw" then knows how
much insulin is in the syringe, it starts to push the insulin through
the tube and you've finished your prime.  But, it can sometimes take
AGES.  The fix for this is to carefully hold your pump upright (with the
open pump door facing down) before you put the new syringe in and gently
tap the top of the pump with your fingers a couple of times. Apparently
this settles the "screw" down a bit (please ignore my total lack of
technical understanding of the pump but you can even hear it settle
down) so it doesn't have to start its cycling all the way from the top
again.  Anyway, if that explanation didn't make any sense, don't worry
about it.  Just try the fix and see if it works for you.

Good luck Carla,


Mom of Oliver, b: 6/99, dx'd 10/01, pumping on Animas 1/03


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My son has been on the animas pump for about 2 months now and all of
we are having problems with a succession of small/mid size bubbles in
an inch of the tubing a couple of times in a 24 hour period.  Does
have any idea why this could be happening?  I have spoken with Animas
they feel I am following the correct procedure for loading the cartridge
priming the pump.  I also make sure to prime the pump whenever we
for sports or bathtime.  I am at a loss for why this is happening all of
sudden but the bubbles seem to make a difference for us because my son
is on
small dosages of insulin.

And, if anyone could help me understand why sometimes the priming of the
tubing, when you change a site, takes so long...sometimes it takes
forever for
the insulin to start coming out.  Is there a problem when this happens
or is
it normal?  Thanks, Carla

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