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Re: [IPp] Highs after set changes

what do you mean 'fixed prime', filling the cannula?

"Julie Keesey" <email @ redacted>@insulin-pumpers.org on 08/20/2003
09:28:59 AM

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""The absorbtion rate with Humalog for us hasn't been
>that great either. It takes 3 full hours for the Humalog to work, 2 hours
>after he eats he is high then suddenly it works by hour 3. ""
We had this same problem, but I discovered it was the fixed prime.  Normal
fixed primes are .3-.7.  We gradually increased ours and are now up to 1.5
as a fixed prime and we no longer see those highs for a few hours after
changing sets.  Seems like we just needed a little extra boost than most.

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