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[IPp] bubbles

My son has been on the animas pump for about 2 months now and all of sudden
we are having problems with a succession of small/mid size bubbles in about
an inch of the tubing a couple of times in a 24 hour period.  Does anyone
have any idea why this could be happening?  I have spoken with Animas and
they feel I am following the correct procedure for loading the cartridge and
priming the pump.  I also make sure to prime the pump whenever we disconnect
for sports or bathtime.  I am at a loss for why this is happening all of a
sudden but the bubbles seem to make a difference for us because my son is on
small dosages of insulin.

And, if anyone could help me understand why sometimes the priming of the
tubing, when you change a site, takes so long...sometimes it takes forever for
the insulin to start coming out.  Is there a problem when this happens or is
it normal?  Thanks, Carla

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