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Re: [IPp] football moms needed

A lot of kids go *high* instead of low from the adrenline with all the
exercise, so be prepared for that too.
mom of Ryan 15yo dx 2/00 pumping 9/02
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> > My son, Chris has been pumping since 8/01. He is now playing 7th
> > grade
> >  football. So far all he has had is conditioning two days a week and
> >  his
> > readings
> >  have been good. Starting next month full practices start every day
> >  after
> > school.
> > I'm not sure how to handle this. Should I send a snack for before?
> > He will be disconnected for about an hour and a half. Thanks Sandi
> > (new football mom)
> >
> You will have to wait and see though the current practice sessions
> should give you a little info. Some athletes have highs as they begin
> to practice while others do not. Somes a small carb snack like
> crackers + insulin will help with this as will a pre exercise bolus.
> Sometimes the spike is from anxiety and may disappear after a few
> days/weeks.... Do expect some post exercise lows that may extend for
> serveral hours. You may need to lower basals into the evening or
> later to adjust for the exercise. Make sure he stays hydrated. Some
> coaches are a bit naive about how much water a kid needs,
> particularly one with diabetes.
> Michael
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