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Re: [IPp] football moms needed

> My son, Chris has been pumping since 8/01. He is now playing 7th
> grade 
>  football. So far all he has had is conditioning two days a week and
>  his
> readings
>  have been good. Starting next month full practices start every day
>  after
> school.
> I'm not sure how to handle this. Should I send a snack for before?
> He will be disconnected for about an hour and a half. Thanks Sandi
> (new football mom)

You will have to wait and see though the current practice sessions 
should give you a little info. Some athletes have highs as they begin 
to practice while others do not. Somes a small carb snack like 
crackers + insulin will help with this as will a pre exercise bolus. 
Sometimes the spike is from anxiety and may disappear after a few 
days/weeks.... Do expect some post exercise lows that may extend for 
serveral hours. You may need to lower basals into the evening or 
later to adjust for the exercise. Make sure he stays hydrated. Some 
coaches are a bit naive about how much water a kid needs, 
particularly one with diabetes.

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