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[IPp] re: football moms needed....just a soccer mom

Sorry, I'm not a football mom - just a soccer mom to my pumping 8 year old. 
But soccer's pretty intense for 1-1.5 hrs when he plays & practices, so the
routine may be of help.  First, if you don't have "Pumping Insulin" by John
Walsh, get it & read the Exercise Carbs chapter - that's how we approach this
type of activity.  We test prior, if he's 150 or below, we give a snack & bolus
for just half of it; if he's below 100, we give a snack & no bolus.  If he's
>180, we correct to 150 & bolus for the basal he'll miss.  Then we disconnect. 
Give lots of water during; if practice is long we do like a little Gatorade. 
Then we check after, and of course if he feels bad. 
Last spring he was in range after each practice.  Again - the book had the best
advice for us, and it was echoed by our pedi. endo.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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