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[IPp] Re: novolog switch

YMMV--Your mileage may vary--never more true than in our experience with 
the Novolog switch.  While most folks seem to have had great success with 
switching from Humalog to Novolog, we had the opposite experience.  After 
pumping with Humalog since April 2000 and having excellent BG response and 
long-lived sets (a week sometimes, if we forgot the midweek change), we 
decided to switch to Novolog this April, just because it was the insulin 
"approved" for pumping and because so many others had been so pleased with 
it.  Boy, did our control and set life deteriorate as soon as we made the 
switch.  We were changing sets sometimes 4-5 times in a week, and the 
insulin in the pump seemed to lose potency from warm weather &/or warm 
water.  We gave it 3 months, saw Annie's a1c jump up to 7.8, and have now 
changed back to Humalog.  After two weeks, things are leveling out.  A vial 
of insulin now lasts until it's used up (at least a week) despite the even 
warmer summer weather and hot showers.  And her sets last until we choose 
to change them out.  So it's really a case of what works for you and your 
pumper.  Now if we could just come up with a way to REMEMBER to bolus for 
meals and snacks--pumping has made our life so nearly normal that we often 
forget that necessary step!

Charlotte, pump mom to Annie, aged 9, dx'd at 3, pumping w/Disetronic at 5, 
now w/Animas IR1000 
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