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Re: [IPp] football moms needed

I would send a snack for before, but also with *extreme* exercise such as
football, he may go high instead of low, so frequent testing is important.
Also send Gatorade and some Propel (no carbs) for hydration.  Good luck!
What Ry does is bolus the same amount he will be getting for the time he is
disconnected and if it is really active (like basketball) he will bolus
about 1/2 the amount.
mom of Ryan 15yo dx 2/00 pumping 9/02
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> My son, Chris has been pumping since 8/01. He is now playing 7th grade
>  football. So far all he has had is conditioning two days a week and his
> readings
>  have been good. Starting next month full practices start every day after
> school.
> I'm not sure how to handle this. Should I send a snack for before? He will
> disconnected for about an hour and a half.
> Thanks
> Sandi (new football mom)
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