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Re: [IPp] Re: Causes for high blood sugars

Hi everyone

I have been paying alot of attention to humalog / novalog insulin and our
story is different.

Patricia has celiac disease as well as diabetes. She has always been
unstable but with the pump, she has done alot better. But in May, we decided
to try novalog as we wanted longer sites.
That is when we started losing control. Her blood sugars became a nightmare
to chase. She need alot more insulin and even then, seldom saw good results
bring the sugars down. We struggling for weeks and weeks then I made the
decision to go back to humalog. She  is now waiting for her MRI results as
they feel she has neuropathy of the stomach. That would help explain some of
the problems. But for now, we feel humalog is working far better so we have
chosen to go back to that and stay there for now.

So it's really the same answer....what works for you...go with it.... as no
two have the exact same results.

Jana in Nova Scotia
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