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[IPp] Another hard lesson learned

As you all must know parts of the US was hit with a black out. For the most 
part Thursday was fun for us. We stayed outside because it was just to hot in 
the house. I spent good quality time with my family. Here is where the fun 
 ended, at around 1am checked Justin blood sugars, he was a little high 247, and
noticed he was a little warm. I took his temp, he had a fever. I was a little 
scared to give a full correction because he had been so active that day so, I 
only gave half of the bolas. I rechecked him at 4am and he was 197 so I went 
back to bed. OK, at 8am his blood sugars 378, WOW, I gave a correction. Then I 
changed his site, he was do for a new one, and changed his basal to sick day. 
9:45am he said he was hungry I checked B/S he was 247, still high but I feed 
 him anyway. he had Apple Jacks and milk. 2 hours later I noticed Justin was not
himself. I checked B/S he was 315, thinking he was just sick I corrected, and 
raised basal again. I recheck in an hour later,  he is now 459. OK, now I am 
flipping out because I am thinking I cannot handle B/S this time. I call Endo 
because I am not sure how much insulin to give because I have already given so 
much. She tells me to give him a 1u shot, and take Justin to DR. Call DR and  
1 am given a 3pm appointment. One hour after shot I recheck him meter now is 
 HELLO! YEA! I recall Endo, Now I am told to give 3u of NovoLog and 1u of R, and
change site using a fresh vial of insulin, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID.  
By the time I take Justin to DR his # had gone down some, but he has very 
large Ketones, But we managed to stay out of hospital, and he is fine today. 

Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old,Pumping Cozmo  
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