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Re: [IPp] Starting the pump

Hi and thanks.  Our first week of the pump is behind us, and you're right.
It is so liberating.  Caitlin is able to eat when she wants without weighing
out the pros (food) and cons (shots).  She's able to play with her friends
and I don't worry about unexplained lows nearly as much.  We don't have
great control yet, but it's getting there.  Much better than even

Funny, I felt just the opposite about camp vs. staying at friends' houses.
She still hasn't been able to stay over at any friends, but I felt better
about sending her to camp because of the medical staff.  She even knew a
couple of the people there (her CDE and ARNP, as well as her pump sales

I'm just looking forward to knowing enough about this pumping stuff to take
over a little more, without having to contact the doctor every 48 hours for
corrections in her basals.

Cassi ~
Mom to Caitlin (9 - dx'd type 1 IDDM 4/25/03), Dio (almost 12) and Megan

Our Sweet Okie Kids is a place for parents of children with diabetes in
Oklahoma to come for support.
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A note to Cassi and Caitlyn on starting the pump: congrats! You will
love the freedom. The pump does come with frustrations though, so just
keep in mind how overwhelmed you were at first diagnosis, then became an
expert in diabetes in no time - it will be the same for the pump. There
is a lot to remember. We are having troubles with inconsistent blood
sugars that are most likely insulin absorption issues, but have struggled
with changing sites, switching insulins, switching infusion set types,
etc. etc..... but despite that the pump still remains worthwhile. We
went to an amusement park yesterday and it was so nice to not have to be
on an eating schedule!

I also want to agree with your comment on camp. My daughter went to camp
this year for the first time and absolutely loved it - she can't wait to
go back next year. I was thinking how odd it was to send her - I worry
about her sleeping over night at a friend's house that I know, and here
we were, sending her off for a week with strangers! But she can't be
much safer than at diabetes camp with tons of medical staff around.

Good luck with your pump start!


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