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[IPp] American Fork (Salt Lake) Experience

 Well, we're finally back from the big trip to AZ for my cousin's wedding. On
the way back we had a little adventure in American Fork, which is SE (?) of Salt
Lake City. Cole was feeling really bad since Saturday & woke up screaming of a
stomach ache Tuesday morning (we were staying in a motel in Mesquite, NV which
is north of Las Vegas). I called Cole's Endo but couldn't get through to him due
to a phone mix up. Anyhoo, he seemed to improve & slept a lot so I decided to
wait to call his Endo when I got better cell phone reception. NV & most of UT is
so baren, I didn't make the phone call until we got to American Fork. Anyhoo,
the nurse said the symptoms sounded like Apendacidis (sp?) and we should take
him into ER. By this time I am shaking & we went into a McDonald's to ask where
the nearest children's hospital was. The cashier didn't know but this lady
standing next to me said she would help me & give me directions. I look at her &
she has a MINIMED name tag on!!!!
 !  How
  weird was that??? I grabbed her, bust into tears & told her what was
happening. She kindly gave me directions to the children's hospital & the
closest hospital there, calmed me down, gave me her phone number to call her if
we were stuck there (if Cole had to have surgery) & even offered me an extra
pump if I needed it (we use Animas).
 To make a long story short, we took Cole to ER & everything turned out ok. He
just has a nasty virus that has to run it's course.
Janette Kirkham, Minimed Salt Lake rep, thank you for all you did.  ::)

Rachel - email @ redacted


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