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[IPp] Finally on the Pump!

Well, I am a happy mother.  We went "live" yesterday (Monday) and so far so 
 good, no problems, so nice to have blood sugars that are in range. :) We did
decide though that we like the Quick Set better than the Silhouette, mostly 
because my daughter is petite and doesn't have a lot of fat on her tummy.  So 
we're getting some of those and will rotate them, that way we can get more 
sites to use.  
  Stephanie is doing great, even remembers to check her blood sugars 2 hours 
after she boluses, love that alarm feature on the pump as well.  Sometimes the 
carb counting gets a tad tricky but like her Dr. said, you guess and then you 
test 2 hours later and see if you gave yourself enough or not, which makes 
 sense. We go back in a month and I'm hoping her A1C will be down significantly.

mom to pumper Stephanie, 12, dx'd at 4
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