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Re: [IPp] Re: Causes for high blood sugars

> Hi Nancy,
>        Michael has given you some very good advice.  My daughter
>        also can 
> have high blood sugars for no apparent reason.  However, these
> events got MUCH better when we switched from using Humalog to
> Novalog.  Now they don't happen near as often, usually only when a
> site is iffy for daytime numbers.   Novalog is also much better in
> high temperatures than Humalog.  
>         However, overnights have always been difficult for us. 
>         Recently I 
> have discovered that her overnight numbers are much better if she
> doesn't eat 
>  anything at all before bed. This is hard, all those years of
>  forcing a bedtime
> snack--she always wants to eat before bed.  Right now as I'm typing
> this she 
>  has come and begged for a bowl of ice cream and its 11 pm!! Said
>  she hates me,
> when I said no. 

hmmm.... ice cream a bed time. yeah, that will work. We found that 
ice cream is pretty benign as a food. It's digestion characteristics 
always seem to match the insulin pretty well, even with hot fudge 
(home made, ask if you're interested). For us, any food close to 
bedtime does seem to mess things up, but in small amounts not too 
bad. the key seems to be "LOWERING" insulin intake so that the food 
bolus does not create a low. I don't know if digestion is more 
efficient while sleeping or simply takes so long that the insulin 
taken with it make you go low, but in any event, decreasing the 
insulin load seems to work but is tricky.

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