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RE: [IPp] Re: Just need to vent, somthing really sad happened

I totally agree with what you just said.  I know that there are times that
people give me this strange look because I have let my child have a sucker.
It is rare but it is also five carbs.  Almost free ; )  If we are somewhere
(I am thinking of the church picnic here) and every other kid, including
Jon's siblings, are having suckers, I'll let him have one.  Now, if it is
pizza or something and he is already high, I suggest that we share things.
He asks first always too.  I agree that the mental health end of this
disease is just as bad as the disease itself.  You need to be so careful.
He is already different, I try not to make it a huge deal when we are out in
a crowd where there are lots of treats.  Another example is a fair.  Cotton
candy is a favorite among all my kids but even before dx it was very limited
because of the food dye and sugar content so if I allow it at all (I did
once) everyone shared.  We have five kids so between five kids and two
adults no one had too much.  We often we allow a forbidden food, but a very
small portion of it and just give extra insulin.  Our son is off the pump
due to allergies but he'll gladly take an extra needle for some icecream!

Good luck.  This isn't easy.  Hug your kids....
: )


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> check his B/S an hour
> and a half after his correct, he had dropped 100 points, but he was still
> high to eat. About 10 minutes later he walks up to me, and asked "mommy
> I
> have some of that?" He points to all the food on the table. I replied "No
> baby
> you can't because." But before I could even finish what I was going to say
> to
> him, his face intently changed to very sad,

       I would let my child eat in this situation.  I know its not the best
 thing for diabetes control, but psychological issues are extremely
important as
well.  Your son is still so young and he has a pump to improve things for
future.  When my Claire was that age, on injections, she ate when she was
high all the time, because we had no other option.  She went to extremely
high levels by dinner time every day and the doctors wouldn't help improve
 things. Sure I tried to have her wait a bit of time to get that injection
but it wasn't always possible.  If Justin is at a party you can bolus for
food immediately--he shouldn't go any higher than he already is, and his bgs
will continue to drop with the correction.  (do you still have insulin
from a correction after 90 minutes? we don't).
       You were both feeling so sad from this experience.  I bet your doctor
wouldn't tell you to withhold food in those circumstances.  It breaks my
 heart, too. Diabetes is for the rest of his life, but diabetes is easier to
with and treat, than serious mental health issues.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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