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[IPp] Just need to vent, somthing really sad happened

Hi all;

       Something really sad happened 3 weeks ago that keeps pulling on my 
heart sting every time I think about it. My 9 year old, non diabetic, son was 
 invited to a party. Before leaving for the party, I took Justin's blood sugar.
don't know why, but he was very high 487 no ketones. I did a site change, and 
then corrected him. I then told my older son we could not go the party because 
Justin B/S were to high. He is just a baby, and will not understand that he 
 cannot eat. My older looked at me with the saddest eyes. He was so disappointed
so I said to him "OK, we will go, but if Justin starts crying because he 
wants to eat we have to leave." This has happened in the past.  We get to the 
party, and there is food coming and going every where. Pizza, hot-dogs, candy, 
 chips, reg. soda, ice-cream. Justin is looking at all of the food, and is
nothing. He just keeps playing. I was very shocked. I check his B/S an hour 
and a half after his correct, he had dropped 100 points, but he was still to 
high to eat. About 10 minutes later he walks up to me, and asked "mommy can I 
have some of that?" He points to all the food on the table. I replied "No baby 
you can't because." But before I could even finish what I was going to say to 
him, his face intently changed to very sad, he dropped his head down, and said 
"I know. and then turned and walked away. As if he knew I was going to say no 
to him. Every time I think if this I get all choked up, and start crying.  I 
hate that my son has to deal with this S... I wish it were me. 

Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping with Cozmo
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