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Re: [IPp] Causes for high blood sugars

>  My 6 year old son has had diabetes for a year (boo!) and has been
>  pumping for a
> month now (hurray!!). I love it, but am struggling with one issue.
> His blood sugar rises up to the 300's at varying intervals. It'll
> stay there for hours, then finally a bolus or shot will bring it
> back down. I thought at first that it might be slowly digesting fat
> or protein at dinner since it was happening at night. 

He's probably crashing in the night or..... going high immediately 
after going to sleep. The first can be tested easily by just checking 
through the night. The second is pretty common for kids that are 
growing. As soon as their head hits the pillow, growth hormone kicks 
in and their insulin needs skyrocket. When my daughter was younger 
there was a point where we raised her night time basals to 2u/hr to 
cover her insulin requirements. Unfortunately, this is not something 
you can easily set basals for. It is highly dependent on when you 
actually fall asleep. You can test for its presence, just do a bg 
check about an hour after shuteye and again at two hours. This 
disturbs the sleep pattern, but at least you can get an ideas what is 
happening. Our solution was to set night time basals the same as 
evening until 1:00 am. When Lily would retire -- whatever time that 
was, she would set her basal rate at the higher level until 1:00 or 
later so the at which point the pump would then take over with its 
normal night-time rate. Talk to your medical team about this -- you 
don't want to make a mistake with high night time rates.

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