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Re: [IPp] Causes for high blood sugars

We change the insulin (throw out old and fill new) everytime we change 
my daughter Rachel's site.
If you want to save insulin - just don't fill it as full.  You'll learn 
some things you find reasons for, but
some - you may not... Everyday may be different - life with diabetes! 
 As for the 300's - at specific
intervals, I would try charting - and if you have highs at certain times 
(let's say after breakfast) -
then try raising the basal from 9 am to noon by .1 (if your son is on .4 
basal for example -
try .5 for 3 days during those hours and write it down.  If it happens 
moreso after a meal - try changing
your dividing factor for carbs by a smaller # (if he normally gets 1 
unit of insulin for 20 gr carbs -
try dividing by 18  or 15 - which would be a slight bit more insulin.) 
 Usually you're supposed to work
with your dr on these rates, but sometimes you don't have opportunity to 
be in contact one on one.
I still think we know more anyway (but that's my personal opinion! - her 
diabetes is my challenge for now!)
Good luck!
Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, pumping 8/02

Raj Sharma wrote:

 > My 6 year old son has had diabetes for a year (boo!) and has been pumping for
>month now (hurray!!). I love it, but am struggling with one issue. His blood
>sugar rises up to the 300's at varying intervals. It'll stay there for hours,
 >then finally a bolus or shot will bring it back down. I thought at first that
>might be slowly digesting fat or protein at dinner since it was happening at
>night. Once we get the BS down, it happens again the next day, and the next
 >until I swap everything out. I'm now just swapping everything out as soon as
>happens and this seems to work. This happens even on days where I'm he's eaten
 >nothing out of the ordinary, so I really don't think it's food-related.
 >problems we change sites every 3 days, insulin every week. I have a few
>questions for all of you with experience:
> - Can I look forward to finding the cause and fixing it, or is pumping with a
>young child just like this?
 > - Are some infusion sets more prone to problems quickly? We are using
>because of the inserter.
> - How much does summer heat and activity affect the insulin? Should I fill in
>less and just change with the set?
 > - We use IV prep wipes and IV 3000 tape on the site and insert through that.
>this good, or might something else work better?
> - I guess that I'm assuming that the cannula is coming loose or his body is
 >coating it or the insulin is getting too hot. Not having the experience to
>anything yet, any other ideas?
>Thanks in advance for any insight!
>mom to Alisha (12), Shaan (9), and Nikhil (6, dx'd 8/02, pumping 7/03)
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