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[IPp] Causes for high blood sugars

 My 6 year old son has had diabetes for a year (boo!) and has been pumping for a
month now (hurray!!). I love it, but am struggling with one issue. His blood
sugar rises up to the 300's at varying intervals. It'll stay there for hours,
then finally a bolus or shot will bring it back down. I thought at first that it
might be slowly digesting fat or protein at dinner since it was happening at
night. Once we get the BS down, it happens again the next day, and the next
until I swap everything out. I'm now just swapping everything out as soon as it
happens and this seems to work. This happens even on days where I'm he's eaten
nothing out of the ordinary, so I really don't think it's food-related. Without
problems we change sites every 3 days, insulin every week. I have a few specific
questions for all of you with experience:
 - Can I look forward to finding the cause and fixing it, or is pumping with a
young child just like this?
 - Are some infusion sets more prone to problems quickly? We are using quick-set
because of the inserter.
 - How much does summer heat and activity affect the insulin? Should I fill in
less and just change with the set?
 - We use IV prep wipes and IV 3000 tape on the site and insert through that. Is
this good, or might something else work better?
 - I guess that I'm assuming that the cannula is coming loose or his body is
coating it or the insulin is getting too hot. Not having the experience to judge
anything yet, any other ideas?
Thanks in advance for any insight!
mom to Alisha (12), Shaan (9), and Nikhil (6, dx'd 8/02, pumping 7/03)

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