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[IPp] Re: Problem with Emla Cream

We have devised our own procedure for doing site changes with my 10 year old
daughter.  We use an inexpensive Antiseptic Wash made by Band-Aid. (CVS even
has a store brand) It has Lidocaine in it so deadens the skin some.  We put
this on a gauze pad, put it on the site and cover it with a lunch box ice pack
for a few minutes.  We take that off, dry the area with a paper towel and then
put down IV 3000.  We insert the site right through the IV 3000 and everything
works pretty well for 3-4 days, even with lots of swimming this summer.  We
have only ever used the Emla cream once--for a lab test in the hospital when
she was dx.--She hated the feeling of the cream and is too impatient to leave
anything in place for 20-30 minutes.  She really says with the way we do it,
she does not even feel the insertion.  By the way we use the Quick sets with
the inserter.  YMMV
Cindy Hoehn
  Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 13:41:20 -0400
  From: "Sandra Winkworth" <email @ redacted>
  Subject: [IPp] Problem with Emla Cream

  My 9 year old daughter has been screaming terrilby with the insertion
  lately.  I started using the Emla Cream.  It does the job great as far as
  numbing, HOWEVER, this is causing another problem.  When I wipe and wash
  the cream off before insertion (and let it dry), the cream is making her
  skin too soft or moist.  When I do the insertion everything seems fine,
  however, the cannula is not inserting properly.  I can't tell that this
  has happened until her numbers are too high and remain high.  Then I
  remove the set and see the cannula was never inserted properly. What can
  help prevent this.  I DON'T want to stop using the Emla Cream.  However,
  this has happened to me the last 3 times I've used it.   Her numbers went
  high, she had ketones and I had to change her set with 2 hours (without
  the Emla cream). Would mastisol help???    Can you put down IV3000 BEFORE
  the insertion?  Does it help??   Can you use the Tegaderm to put down
  BEFORE insertion??  Any other ideas or suggestions I didn't mention??? I'm
  pretty much willing to try anything so as not to hear my daughters
  screams when I put the set in without the numbing cream!!   It seems to
  be getting worse! Thanks!

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