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Re: [IPp] Problem with Emla Cream

> My 9 year old daughter has been screaming terrilby with the
> insertion lately.  I started using the Emla Cream.  It does the job
> great as far as numbing, HOWEVER, this is causing another problem. 
> When I wipe and wash the cream off before insertion (and let it
> dry), the cream is making her skin too soft or moist.  When I do the
> insertion everything seems fine, however, the cannula is not
> inserting properly.

Use 3-4 ice cubes in a baggie, held on the site for about 3-5 minutes 
prior to insertion. This will work just about as well as Emla and is 
a heck of a lot faster. Out in the "wilds" you can substitute a cold 
soda can. It's also a lot easier for an impatient kid to learn to do 
their own site this way.

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