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RE: [IPp] numbing cream

 ElaMax 4% or 5% numbing cream sold by Texas Electrolysis on line. That is what
I use for my daughter. They have the best price so far.

Denise Owens

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I know I have seen somewhere, maybe this list, that there is a numbing cream 
available on the internet a lot cheaper than the EMLA cream.  I got a 
 prescription but they want us to pay $30 for it!! I'm rethinking that, I may
this when we go "live" on Monday.  SPeaking of this...anyone have any idea why 
we would have to go to another class to start up the insulin??  We have to be 
there by 8 AM and its about a 40 minute drive for us.  They aren't going to 
teach us anymore on the pump, we know what we're doing and have had no 
problems.  The Barbara Davis Center is starting to get on my last nerve!  :)


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what 
lies with in us." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson    
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