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Re: [IPp] Vacation - no carb count available

 I also just guess when I am not sure of the amount of carbs in foods while we
are traveling. I do carry a carb counting book that is wonderful and has almost
everything in it. I also reduce the bolus when my son is going to be really
active and then I test every two hours. I would be hesitant to test an hour
after eating because some children's bodies absorb insulin at a slower rate than
others and therefor they may be a bit high an hour after eating and then if you
corrected, they may crash in another hour. I have had experience with this
 The trick to traveling is to do extra testing and you can't go wrong. Have a
wonderful vacation and have fun!
 Sarah - Mom to Matthew age 6 dx'ed 5-99, pumping since 4-02 with MM Paradigm,
and to Victoria age 8, non-D LOVE MY KIDS!
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