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[IPp] Saline and the Pump

Our class went fine on Friday.  Anyway, the class took almost 3 hours, Steph 
went through all the steps with the pump trainer and did great.  She even put 
the infusion set in herself, she felt light headed afterwards but she was 
 pretty proud of herself. Then we had to calculate the carbs and she gave
insulin before a meal and basically anytime she had a snack. But most of you 
already knew that.  :)  She changed the set on Sunday this time no dizziness 
and she removed it yesterday.  So on Monday  (11th) we go to start up the 
insulin.   She wasn't comfortable taking a bath/shower with it on so we did 
 disconnect it, we had the 23 inch set and its really too small to do much with.
think she should try and use that pump pouch.  We called Deltec and told them 
 we would like to exchange our 4 boxes of 23 inch and get the 31, I think the 41
is too long.  
   I'm curious about something, how much do you test at night?   They are 
 saying we test about 7-10 times a day for about the first 2 weeks. And only
at 3 am.  I'm scared that if we run out of stripes our lovely insurance won't 
cover anymore, but that is something I will find out at the class.  
  But the good news is I got her on that mailing list for young pumpers and 
she is very excited about the pump and I think she will do just fine, can't 
 wait to get that A1C down!! School starts on the 20th so we should have enough
time to get used to it.

Cheryl mom to Stephanie, 12, dx'd 1995
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