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[IPp] Introduction

Hello all -

I joined this list about a month ago but haven't had much of an opportunity
to introduce myself.  My daughter, Caitlin, was diagnosed 3 months ago and,
as you all know, it has been a very busy three months.  I have been able to
read the posts here and on the IP site and they have been a tremendous
source of support and information.

Caitlin just got home from camp today.  She had so much fun.  Funny, but I
would have never sent her to camp at 9 years old if not for diabetes.  She's
the baby of the family and very over-protected.  We live in a very small
town and once she was diagnosed we wanted to do everything possible to let
her know she is not alone in this and there are other kids out there that
understand.  She's met a few other kids online and that helps.  Now she has
several friends with diabetes that she's met IRL and can keep in touch with
until next summer.

Caitlin will be starting the pump either the end of this week or the
beginning of next week, so I'm sure I'll be posting a lot, especially in the
next couple of months.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and making some friends that
understand too!

Cassi ~
Mom to Caitlin (9 - dx'd type 1 IDDM 4/25/03), Dio (almost 12) and Megan

Our Sweet Okie Kids is a place for parents of children with diabetes in
Oklahoma to come for support.

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