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[IPp] Re: Glucagon


- Students have access to glucagon at all times.

Just curious about what you all think.  Do you think "access  to glucagon"
means "locked up in the Health Office?  Carol<<

Hi Carol,

There aren't any state laws prohibiting teachers from giving glucagon 
injections...that is school district policy.  You can fight it and 
win if you choose.  It's really up to you and how important you feel 
it is.  Perhaps if the PE teacher is uneasy about doing it, another 
teacher or principal could step up to the plate.  If the nurse is 
full-time and can be reached by walkie-talkie or intercom 
immediately, I would be happy with that arrangement.  Our nurse is 
full-time but we still have the principal designated as the back-up 
person.  For each sport Noah participated in, the coach was 
responsible for practices/events outside the school building and away 

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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