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[IPp] Re: Problems with ice cream and Lows???????????????

Hi Barbara,

Do you think a dual or square wave bolus might work better for ice 
cream (if it's regular, full-fat kind)?  When Noah eats food that is 
high in fat content, we do a dual wave bolus or set a temporary basal 
rate to cover the long acting fat effects on blood sugar.  If we did 
the total he needed up front, he would have a low.  Just a thought. 
Another thought is that his basal rate might be too high and the 
addition of a large bolus was too much.  Those basal rates are tricky 
buggers!  Hope Zach is feeling better and things are back to 
normal...well, you know...as normal as can be expected!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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