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Re: [IPp] I need some help!

Dear Laura,

 It is not against the law!  AND I am going to inundate you with info
today (probobly on and off all day) for you to print out and take with
you.  Diabetes falls into an entirely different category, and the
ignorance of this principal should not be tolorated.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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fellow parents, >I have read all the posts about parents fighting for
their kids rights, and I >thought my situation was going so well....until
this week. I had asked our >principal if Jeffrey could test in the
classroom since I and his teacher were >worried about him missing sooo
much class time walking back and forth to the >nurse. Now let me say that
we have the BEST nurse, she truely loves our son >and takes the best care
of him, as does his teacher. But our poor nurse is >streched out between
k-5-4th grade, 800 students, and she is stressed to the >limit. (which we
think is a lawsuit waiting to happen) Long story short, our >principal
told me this week that it was against the law to let Jeffrey test in >the
classroom because it was considered an invasive procedure. I need your
>help, what is the law? We live in Alabama, and I need to have my ducks
in a >row by Wednesday. My best friend is the 504 coordinator, and she
has told me >to gather all I can and bring it with me. Please Help!
Thanks! Laura, mom to >Jeffrey6, dx 5/99,pumping since 2/02, Eryn 9, and
Mary Glenn 4. >----------------------------------------------------------
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