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[IPp] Re: school policy

>>From: wieslaw maciorowski <email @ redacted>
In my school district another mother was told today that she could not
direct the insulin dosage for her child.<<

Hi Helen,

I, like Beverly, have it stated in our 504 that Noah, his dad, or I, 
decide on the amount of insulin to be given...plus any other aspect 
of his care.  The docs are there as back-up.  Noah is 15, though, and 
can make those decisions.  Before Noah was old enough (age 10 until 
about 13) to handle decisions on the amount of insulin he needed at 
lunch time or to correct highs, I made a laminated index card for him 
to refer to.  This worked very well for us.  There was an occasional 
missed bolus, but nothing we haven't also done while at home. :}  I 
would recommend the mother giving as much decision-making to her 
child as possible, without causing undo stress.  You didn't say how 
old the child is so this may not apply.  But a child who is at least 
ten or so might be able to do some self-managing.  In needed, the 
nurse/teachers could be back-up to this set up to act as reminders to 
test/bolus and verify they were done.  We've found the more we can 
eliminate the school's involvement, the better all around.  Less 
stress, less hassle.

Since we parents do the managing and decision-making at all other 
times in regards to insulin dosages, we should be the ones stated in 
the 504 to do it while our kids are in school.  The doc can sign off 
on that to make it official if the school requires that.  Your friend 
should decide what is the best way to handle these decisions and then 
have the 504 reflect this.

Does your friend belong to our list-serve?  She might find it useful 
and a wonderful support source.  Just a thought.

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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