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Same goes for our school, only the nurse has the Glucagon. When out at recess 
or in the fields for gym, the teacher has a juice box with them along with a 
walkie talkie. I am actually fine with this, it takes about 60 seconds for 
the nurse to run out to the field and with all of the reading I have done, it 
has said that if a child is to require a Glucagon injection it will be due to 
illness or a low blood sugar that often happens at night while sleeping. I 
know that there have been cases when children have needed it during the day, 
but I feel confident that Matthew is safe at school and our school will have 
a faculty meeting once a month to discuss Matthew and remind the staff on how 
to handle emergency situations. Our school is not very big at all either 
which helps too. I will worry more when he is more independant and in a 
bigger school such as middle school.
Sarah :)
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