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[IPp] re: Low after ice cream

<<<<Here's the question.     Does anyone ever  have any problems with going
low after bolusing correctly for icecream?   Real icecream.     He's gone
low on two other occassions from icecream,  but I thought maybe he
hadn't finished it or something.     Now I'm starting to think that the
normal snack bolus we use is wrong for ice cream.   Any ideas?????????>>>>>>>

I'm so sorry that Zachary's been having such hard lows.  Ice cream works with a
normal bolus at the expected carb/insulin ratio for Luke.   One thing we've
always liked is that it's a very long carb - and it seems to match the way his
body works with Novolog.  You might try a square wave next time (and certainly
cutting back) - maybe the insulin is hitting Zachary before the ice cream is
getting digested/sugar absorbed??

Also, on the gel glucose - Luke hated it & fought the one time we tried it. 
Our nurse recommended carrying the little icing tubes instead, which we've done
when traveling.  They're pretty sturdy & last for a long time without losing
their icing flavor.  If Zachary likes frosting/icing on cakes, it might be more
acceptable to him.

Best wishes,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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