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RE: [IPp] Please help, school policy

We had a school like that a couple of years ago. They went by the letter
rather than the spirit of the doctors orders. So we had the doctor write
that a range of ratios and then say to contact the parents for the current
dosage. This covered the schools liability and everyone was happy.
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> In my school district another mother was told today that she could not
> direct the insulin dosage for her child.  He was given a  correction for
> an adrenalin rush ( first day of school) instead of half the dose the
> mom had wanted.  When he got off the bus today he was 60.  If the doctor
> writes that the parents can direct the dose, can the nurse not follow
> this?  Are there any laws for Illinois?  She was told that it is
> district policy.   My son is also in the district, but  I did not get
> this point clarified in my 504.  Please advise.  Thank You.
> Helen
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