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Re: [IPp] Please help, school policy

Dear Helen,

Isn't that ashame.  I believe on the legal end of things, from what I am
told anyway, the school MUST follow doctors orders period.  However, if
the nurse were to call home and speak to the parent first before giving
the prescribed insulin, and the parent wants it lessened (or added to)
you just tell the nurse to wait while you call your endo and have them
fax the nurse the temporary order.  A big pain in the butt, I know, but
that is what I have always had to do.  There are some nurses out there
who are very easy to work with, and will just do what you ask them to,
however, if they got caught, I believe they could get in trouble. 

Maybe what you and your friend could do is sit down with the nurse, have
a conference call with the endo, and figure out how the endo and nurse
want to handle future situations like this that may occur.  You know your
child.  I have a set perameter that I use at home, and the school has,
but I vary at home when I need to, just like everyone else probobly does,
because no one knows your child like you do, but the nurse doesn't know
your child like you do.  I totally think it is crap, but I have been told
(by last years nurse) that she could get into trouble for varying from
the protacol form from the endo. 

I hope I have helped you.  I know it stinks, I'm sorry.  But if you sit
down with the nurse and "work her" right, maybe you can find out how to
change that.

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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> >In my school district another mother was told today that she could
>not direct the insulin dosage for her child. He was given a >correction
for an adrenalin rush ( first day of school) instead of >half the dose
the mom had wanted. When he got off the bus today he >was 60. If the
doctor writes that the parents can direct the dose, >can the nurse not
follow this? Are there any laws for Illinois? >She was told that it is
district policy. My son is also in the >district, but I did not get this
point clarified in my 504. Please >advise. Thank You. >Helen
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