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re: [IPp] Silouette Inserter

<<<<<I was having problems with the Quick Sets 6mm catheter crimping on the
end. This is the third time it happened causing bgs to rise to 485 while Lawren
was in school.  Mini Med recommended using the Silouette sets because Lawren
has too much muscle not enough fat.  The problem is the Silouette inserter
looks so much more intimidating than the little round blue Quick Set
inserter.  Before I try this thing, can anyone tell me if they like or
dislike it and if you get crimping with this one, too?  Thanks, Barb>>>>>>>>

Sounds all too familiar.  My son Luke used QuickSets for almost a year - we
love them but they started bending (crimping) every single time we got them in
his lean, lean tummy.  Then his bottom did the same.   So we switched to
Silhouette with the very scary looking inserter.  It took a lot of talking with
him, and some semi-bribery (time to do fun things) to get him using them
regularly, but the nice thing is that they ALWAYS work.   We're going to get
brave and try a QuickSet again in his bottom, but his belly fat is so minimal
that we will only do Sils in that.  I did get to be the guinea pig for the
first attempt w/ the Sil-serter into my belly - seeing me do it always helps
Luke.  Plus we did one on his teddy bear.  Of course, I was scared too but
couldn't say anything - but it's much more fearsome looking than feeling.  
Luke now pushes the button on all of his changes and has adjusted okay.  I do
recommend trying the Sils because having bent QuickSets all the time is no fun.
 I have tried 2 Sils with manual insertion and they did not give us good
results - I think I was too slow on Luke.  The inserter gives much more
reliable results.  

Good luck!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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