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[IPp] Re: THE 504 meeting! Yeah!

Hi Cindy,

So glad to hear things worked out for you and Jessy...and so they 
should.  Too bad you had the unnecessary hassle the school gave you. 
You can now relax knowing that the fight was worth it to get what 
Jessy rightfully deserves for optimum care while at school but 
also...importantly...paved the way for others who will follow in your 
footsteps!  The school personnel are probably a little more 
enlightened about Type 1 diabetes, too..at least we can hope!  I 
don't think they intend to be mean or difficult...some schools just 
don't get it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the ADA came up with a 
standard that public schools nationwide had to adhere to for Type 1 
diabetic care.  That would alleviate soooooo many problems for so 
many families.

On another note about glucagon injections that someone had asked 
about, our school keeps the kit in the nurse's office.  She is a 
traveling nurse, so in her absence the principal is designated to 
give the injection.  On field trips/sporting events, the coaches keep 
it with them and will use it if necessary.

Kudos to you, Cindy!!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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