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RE: [IPp] Silouette Inserter

>>I was having problems with the Quick Sets 6mm
catheter crimping on the end.
 >>Mini Med recommended using the
Silouette sets because Lawren
has too much muscle not enough fat.  The problem
is the Silouette inserter
looks so much more intimidating than the little
round blue Quick Set
inserter.  Before I try this thing, can anyone
tell me if they like or
dislike it and if you get crimping with this one,
too?  Thanks, Barb

I don't know how old Lawren is, but my daughter will be 5 at the end of this
week (she just started school this year).  Her problem was just the opposite
  We started off on the Sils on her endo's preference.  About every 3rd Sil
was crimping off on her and they were leaving terrible places on her.  I
should mention she is not extremely thin, just average to lean size.  She
was terrified of site changes at this time too.  I couldn't get the endo to
agree she needed a different set.  He said since she was so young and lean,
that the sils were her best bet.  I didn't believe it though, and based on
other storied I read her, we tried the 6mm QuickSets.  They have worked
great for her so far, and she's only had one that has crimped after two
months.  Her old sites look much better also.  She doesn't have much fat,
but maybe she doesn't have much muscle yet either.

Anyway, the sil serter worked ok.  I would never try to insert that long
needle manually!  She just didn't like the noise it makes.  Plus, there is
the angle issue.  I think the preference we ended up with was making sure
the flat portion was completely flat agains her skin (which I believe is the
30 degree angel).  If you tilt it up slightly or put too much pressure on
the serter, it's deeper.  But I'm afraid even on the shallow angle, we still
had the crimping issue with the sils.  YMMV of course!!

Angela, mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 21 mo.

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