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[IPp] THE 504 meeting

Dear All,

I am very pleased to let you all know, that the 504 meeting went VERY
well.  Jessy will be testing her blood sugars in the classroom.  We will
have a 30 day acclimation period, where for the first 2 weeks, Jessy will
test in the nurses office, but she will be escorted there, and the
following 2 weeks Jessy will test some in the classroom and some in the
nurses office.  During this acclimation period, the nurse and Jessy will
do a little demonstration for the class, so that they learn about
diabetes, and can watch her test her blood sugars and learn about her
pump.  This acclimation period will also allow the nurse and Jessy to get
to know one another and be comfortable with each other, and to figure out
the best way to keep records and deal with any situations that will pop
up.  After the 30 days, Jessy will test in the classroom on her own.

When they are out to gym, the gym teacher will have (and always has
anyway) a walkie talkie directly linked to the nurse in case of any
emergency, which takes a lot of concern out of her carrying the glucagon,
the nurse will be in charge of that.  Jessy will do all of her bolusing
in the nurses office, but that will not effect her classroom instruction

The nurse even brought up a wonderful point about calling 911 when she is
40 or below, or 60 and below and not responding to treatments.  Kudos to
her, that never even crossed my mind.

Bottom line, I never would have gotten this far without my lawyer, she
was incredible, intelligent, and compassionate.  I am thrilled with the
results.  I am thrilled with the nurse.  I am thrilled with the 504. 
Jessy's best interests have been met, understood, and handled.  Now, I
want to sleep for a week straight.  (I wonder if the kids would let

With all of my heartfelt gratitude for all of the help and support you
have all given me during this trying time,


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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