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Re: [IPp] school bus

Dear Kathy,

The first thing I would do, is ask them why it is an unsafe bus stop, who
determined this, and start speaking to that person.  Bring up the fact
that for 8 years it wasn't a problem, why now?  I feel for you.  Don't go
in there angry, go in there with a list of questions you want answered,
and if they can't answer them find out who can.  Let me know what

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>Fellow POP'ers, > This is my first post, I am the mom of Allie, who will
be 10 next month, >she has been on the MM508 for 2 1/2 years. She goes to
a private school, and >they do ok with her care (it could be better, but
it could be A LOT worse!), >but my problem is with the bus. Our town
allows the private schools to use >the public bus system. Last year, they
decided to change the bus route >around, and instead of being the first
bus stop, they are now the last. That >means that they are now on the bus
for almost 1 1/2 hours after school, >instead of 35 minutes. I didn't
push the issue last year (which was a >mistake) as it was in the middle
of winter, and life was kind of hectic, but >they are still holding with
the new route. There is another bus that goes >right by the old bus stop,
and I am trying to allow them to let my kids ride >that bus, and get off
at the old stop, but the people at the bus garage won't >allow it, they
say it's an "unsafe" stop. Well, for the 9 years we have lived >here,
that was a bus stop for 8 of them, and they didn't think it was unsafe
>then. Why now? My question is, how many of you have fought the bus
system, >or do you just give up and pick your kids up? It's only 2 miles
for me, and I >try to plan my errands around that time, but sometimes it
is difficult. I >don't work outside the house, but there are days when I
need to be out of >town, or have other commitments, and I have to find
someone else to pick up >the kids. > >Kathy Green, mom to Allie, almost
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