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[IPp] school bus

Fellow POP'ers,
    This is my first post, I am the mom of Allie, who will be 10 next month,
she has been on the MM508 for 2 1/2 years.  She goes to a private school, and
they do ok with her care (it could be better, but it could be A LOT worse!),
but my problem is with the bus.  Our town allows the private schools to use
the public bus system.  Last year, they decided to change the bus route
around, and instead of being the first bus stop, they are now the last.  That
means that they are now on the bus for almost 1 1/2 hours after school,
instead of 35 minutes.  I didn't push the issue last year (which was a
mistake) as it was in the middle of winter, and life was kind of hectic, but
they are still holding with the new route.  There is another bus that goes
right by the old bus stop, and I am trying to allow them to let my kids ride
that bus, and get off at the old stop, but the people at the bus garage won't
allow it, they say it's an "unsafe" stop.  Well, for the 9 years we have lived
here, that was a bus stop for 8 of them, and they didn't think it was unsafe
then.  Why now?  My question is, how many of you have fought the bus system,
or do you just give up and pick your kids up?  It's only 2 miles for me, and I
try to plan my errands around that time, but sometimes it is difficult.  I
don't work outside the house, but there are days when I need to be out of
town, or have other commitments, and I have to find someone else to pick up
the kids.

Kathy Green, mom to Allie, almost 10
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