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Re: [IPp] School Nurses

Dear Jennifer,

Where do you live, because I'm coming there!  My problem is not with the
nurse, she is new this year (last year the nurse was a piece of work),
but she agrees with me that Jess should be testing her sugars in the
class.  It is the superintendent that is holding all of this up.  I just
talked to the principal today because they put Jess in an inclussion
class.  He said "Oh she'll love it, they do experiments on the floor,
have puppet shows, it's right up her alley, and the best part is that the
classroom is set up so that she can do what needs to be done without
being a distraction"..........now, Jessy is a very smart girl.  She has
some trouble with her reading because she missed a total of 6 weeks of
school last year and I was her only tutor, but in all other areas she is
still up to par,  At her old school, pre diabetes, she was even in the
gifted and talented program.  Also, being new to this school, and not
knowing what teachers teac! h what levels of intelegence, I had heard
that this teacher, we'll call him Mr. B, had a special reading program
that I thought Jessy could benifit from.  Now I find out, that this
inclussion class is for the "special" children with "special" needs, and
my daughter is suddenly one of them.  I am finding out that their 3rd
grade program is much slower than the other 3rd grades.  Now I am going
to basically have to homeschool her after she is done school to keep her
up to par with the other students (and by the way, 1 girl that I know of
who was in an even lower reading level than Jess, got the teacher who
teaches the "very intellegent" kids.)  The worst part about all of this,
is that I am the one who made it so easy for them to walk all over her,
by suggesting that Mr.B may be able to help her increase her reading

I just want to move.  My God, first I have to fight about her testing her
blood sugars in class and now I have totally screwed my daughter out of a
decent 3rd grade education.  The guilt I feel right now is just
horrible.  My husband and I will be going to a meeting about their
inclusion program Tuesday night.  I am going to wait until then to hear
what they say before I shot myself in the foot (the same foot I should
have shoved into my mouth before I opened it in the first place).  I am
going to try to make the best of this new scenerio, keep track of what
the other kids are doing in the other classes, and demand that she have
the opportunity to do it to.  This is just one of those moments in your
life that you realize just how difficult and exasperating parenting can
be.  All of her friends from last year have been placed in different
classes, and she knows no one in this class.  I feel so bad for her, and
the worst part is, I ma! de it so damned easy for them to put her out of
the way, to a place where "she can do what needs to be done without being
a distraction".  I am just so mad at myself right now.  Please learn from
my mistake, and before you suggest a teacher, do your

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, this is the first chance I've
had >to check my email all week.I wish I had a secret to share with you,
but our >nurse at our school basically just listens! There are 2 older
children on >pumps in our school and she just learned what needs to be
done from them and >she just told me that she'll do what ever I need her
to do for Jack. I asked >her once If the district had a policy in place
to deal with diabetes and she >said "yes, the policy is whatever you and
I say it is" She's just amazing, >Jack has a morning snack in his class
and his teacher just supervises him >bolus himself for that , then he
goes to lunch downstairs with his class and >sees the nurse to check his
blood sugar. The nurses office is attached to the >lunchroom so it's not
out of his way, she said he could check his sugar in >the classroom if I
wanted but he still needs help interpretting results so I >feel better
that he goes there. Then after he checks she supervises him bolus >for
lunch and she pages me with his number so I know what is going on while
>he goes and eats lunch. Then she always goes in the lunch room to kinda
keep >an eye that he eats his lunch. She made a folder for each of the
children >with diabetes with a picture and a complete list of all their
ratios and >correction rates, emergency numbers,and any other information
she could >possibly need.I just can't say enough good things about her! I
wish you the >best of luck with your battles! >Jennifer >Mom to Sam (8)
Jack (7) and Tressa Angelina (2) >Jack diagnosed 12/2000 & Pumping since
3/2002 >---------------------------------------------------------- >for
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