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Re: [IPp] School Nurses

Dear Cindy,
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, this is the first chance I've had 
to check my email all week.I wish I had a secret to share with you, but our 
nurse at our school basically just listens! There are 2 older children on 
pumps in our school and she just learned what needs to be done from them and 
she just told me that she'll do what ever I need her to do for Jack. I asked 
her once If the district had a policy in place to deal with diabetes and she 
said "yes, the policy is whatever  you and I say it is" She's just amazing, 
Jack has a morning snack in his class and his teacher just supervises him 
bolus himself for that , then he goes to lunch downstairs with his class and 
sees the nurse to check his blood sugar. The nurses office is attached to the 
lunchroom so it's not out of his way, she said he could check his sugar in 
the classroom if I wanted but he still needs help interpretting results so I 
feel better that he goes there. Then after he checks she supervises him bolus 
for lunch and she pages me with his number so I know what is going on while 
he goes and eats lunch. Then she always goes in the lunch room to kinda keep 
an eye that he eats his lunch. She made a folder for each of the children 
with diabetes with a picture and a complete list of all their ratios and 
correction rates, emergency numbers,and any other information she could 
possibly need.I just can't say enough good things about her! I wish you the 
best of luck with your battles! 
Mom to Sam (8) Jack (7) and Tressa Angelina (2)
Jack diagnosed 12/2000 & Pumping since  3/2002
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