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Re: [IPp] Standardized Testing ... Accommodations

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, Allison Kane wrote:

> I am updating Tarek's 504 plan and one of the things that came up last year
> was the issue of accommodations during standardized testing. During the
> second half of the school year that is just about ALL they do here.
> We were told that Tarek may of course do anything he needs to, to take care
> of himself, but that testing could NOT be postponed or retaken, or if he was
> low and it took him 15 minutes to be able to participate again, that they
> couldn't add that 15 minutes on for him. Basically if he missed anything
> there was no make up.

They are required to provide up to 50% additional time as required for
students that need accomodations. That includes diabetics. If he is low or
high and can't think then they must let him reschedule the test. You may
have to fight for this but if they receive federal funds, then it's
covered under section 504.

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