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[IPp] From Mim (email @ redacted)


This is my first post and I hope I am doing this correctly. Our son Jarrod is 
18 and became a pump user only 3 weeks ago. I did some research but not 
nearly as much as we should have due to the fact that my sons Dr. highly 
recommended the Paradigm. He was diagnosed at 5 and his pediatric 
endocrinologist never recommended Jarrod use an insulin pump as he did not 
advocate pumps for children. We trusted him and followed his advice. Jarrod 
went to camp for kids with diabetes for 12 years and very few kids were 
pumpers so my husband and I decided to drop the issue. Recently my son 
changed physicians (due to his age) and the new guy immediately asked us why 
wasn't Jarrod on a pump. Well, to make a long story short we were all so 
thrilled that we now had a physician promoting the pump that we just didn't 
investigate thoroughly. I know I sound naive but believe me we have really 
learned the hard way that we must fight for our children.  I feel guilty now 
that we didn't butt heads with the old physician concerning pumps and now 
again I am feeling guilty that we didn't research more.  Jarrod was in the 
hospital a week after getting the pump because someone, I don't want to blame 

any one individual, recommended the wrong infusion set to use for his body 
type.  He was using the Quickset with the Quick Serta and it crimped inside 
him resulting in no insulin delivery for about 8 hrs during the night. The 
pump never told him no delivery as it was still pumping but into the tube not 
into his body. He 
woke up with a high reading on his meter, and became very ill resulting in a 
trip to the ER for hydration. Yes, it could have been prevented if he would 
have tested at 3 in the morning but he's a young adult now and you'll find 
out how that goes...Sorry if I am rambling on but I do need to vent on this 
very important issue. I called MM support that day and it took forever to get 

through to Tech support. I am not thrilled with their Tech support. If it 
wasn't for the help of this board I wouldn't have known that you get better 
results by leaving a message rather than staying on hold. Everything ended up 

OK.  Jarrod is now using the Silhouette with the Sil Serta and absolutely 
loves his Paradigm.  The pump itself so far is a dream, but we had no idea 
that the infusion set is of the up most importance. By the way, his trainer 
came over when we found out that he had the wrong infusion set and inserted 
it for him before we left for the hospital. She was truly an angel. Overall 
Jarrod is doing great now. He is still having a some difficulty changing the 
sites but that will come with experience.  His bg readings are the best they 
have ever been and he is able to lead a more normal life.  I think its great 
that you are getting your daughter on a pump at such a young age. I wish we 
would have done the same. Mini Med makes a wonderful product but just make 
sure about the infusion set you use.  Hope everything works out well for you 
and your family.  Mim 
Mim, mom to Jarrod, age 18, dx 9/89, ppMM Paradigm, 8/02 
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