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Re: [IPp] Fwd: Funny Pump Story

Dear Sherry,

Very funny!

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>We've all been so stressed out lately about school starts, even those of
us >who get good support from school face the worry of starting new
routines >again, as all parents do--so--I recalled this funny story from
my daughter >that happened shortly after she got her pump last
spring-thought you all >could use a laugh about now. >Sent it originally
to IP because someone there ask about funny pump stories, >and then
decided we POPers could use some levity also. >Sherry, mom to Liz, age
13, dx 3/01, ppMM508, 5/02 >Return-path: >From: email @ redacted
>Full-name: BurlyBunch >Message-ID: <email @ redacted> >Date:
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for Mac sub 45 > >Bluejay, >You mentioned in your posting to IP that you
wondered if anyone had anymore >funny stories about pumps--well I usually
hang out on the POP list, but >browse this one sometimes, too. My
daughter just got her pump last May and >wore it to school (7th grade-you
know those middle-schoolers). She came >bursting in the door one
afternoon and said, "Mom, I've got the most >fantastic dumb blonde joke
you've ever heard (sorry, no offense to >blondes-only quoting her
cliche). My daughter was walking down the hall at >school with several of
her friends, who were well-informed about her pump, >which was attached
to the waistband of her jeans. A "blonde" schoolmate >said, "Hey, how
come you're allowed to wear an M3P player at school?" My >daughter
replied that she was just careful not to get caught. Then the girl >asked
how she could hear the music, since she didn't have any headphones
>showing. All of the other kids were looking around to see what my
daughter's >reply would be since they knew it was a pump. "Oh, you see
this little tube >that goes into my side? Well, I download the music and
it goes though the >tube into my side and then I can hear it without
headphones." >The "blonde" got a strange look on her face and then
exclaimed, "Wow, I wish >I had one of those!" My daughter and her friends
never told her any >different and still giggle about it. I felt a little
bad about them leading >the other kid on, but I had to stick that story
in my mental archives to >recall years down the road. >Sherry, mom to
Liz, age 13, dx 3/01, ppMM508, 5/02
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