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[IPp] Fwd: Another good 504 for a girl w/ a PUMP (11 years old)

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I love this one!

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.>From: email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject:
Another good 504 for a girl w/ a PUMP (11 years old) >Date: Sat, 24 Aug
2002 16:50:47 EDT > >Cara Shenson >504 Document / Kent Middle School
>(Approved 6/11/02 and Valid through 6/11/03) > > >School Intervention
Team Evaluation > > >Cara Shenson has consistently demonstrated to be a
strong student who >participates in all aspects of school life including
academic and >extracurricular activities. The 504 Team supports and
encourages her >continued success. > >' The Team agrees that Cara's
parents will continue to provide and maintain >all medical supplies. > >'
The Team supports continued efforts on behalf of Cara's full inclusion
and >participation in her regular education program. > >' The Team
acknowledges Cara's success in responsibly and maturely managing >her
health condition with no disruption to typical classroom routines while
>maximizing Cara's ability to access all dimensions of educational
>opportunities. > >' The Team acknowledges that, while these
accommodations are fully >comprehensive and intended to proactively
protect her best interests, the >impact to date has been insignificant
and easily incorporated into regular >school life. > > > > > > > > > > >
> > > > > > > > > > > >Cara Shenson >504 Document / Kent Middle School
>(Approved 6/11/02 and Valid through 6/11/03) > >ACCOMMODATIONS: > >1.
Health Care Supervision: > >1.1 Cara should meet her core teachers prior
to the start of each school >year which will help minimize any concerns
about her diabetes care for both >her and the staff. > >1.2 Staff (core
teachers, specialists, substitute teachers, >extracurricular staff)
responsible for the immediate custodial supervision of >Cara should be
familiar with Cara's diabetes care and emergency procedures >prior to the
first day of school. Staff will ensure that substitute teachers >are
provided with the summary of guidelines for Cara's medical care to ensure
>her safety while being supervised by a non-regular staff member. See
>attached guidelines for detailed information as contained in the
>individualized health care plan. > >1.3 School will arrange for a
certified diabetes educator, with the >agreement and the attendance of
Cara's parents, to provide supplemental >diabetes education training for
the appropriate teaching staff and designated >diabetes care providers
(DDCPs). Training is to include emergency procedures >for the
administration of glucagon injection, as well as understanding the
>symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. This training
will >occur within the first (30) days of school. > >1.4 For all
school-sponsored transportation, drivers shall be informed of >Cara's
medical needs and receive basic training in the treatment of
>hypoglycemia. > > >2. Blood Glucose Testing and Insulin Administration:
> >2.1 Cara shall be permitted to possess AT ALL TIMES blood glucose
>monitoring devices, including but not limited to glucose-monitoring
lancets >designed for such purposes, glucose-monitoring strips, insulin,
insulin >delivery systems, glucose sources such as tablets or gel,
glucagon, and any >other medical supplies required to manage her
diabetes. These supplies will >be kept in Cara's DIAPAK (diabetes supply
kit). Cara will have immediate >access to her DIAPAK with the
above-mentioned items, as well as current >insulin dosing info, a
laminated card with emergency phone numbers. >Additional laminated
emergency phone cards will be provided for all teachers, >school nurse,
and school office. An additional kit will be provided to the >school
nurse for Cara's use as a back-up. This accommodation applies to any
>field trip or extracurricular activity on or off of school premises. >
>2.2 Cara shall be permitted to self-administer blood glucose tests,
>insulin, and appropriately treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia in the
>classroom or in any area within school grounds at any time at any
>school-related function as determined to be necessary by her. Cara will
not >be required to report blood glucose readings or insulin dosing to
school >personnel. All used test strips, pump supplies and/or syringes
will be >disposed of off-campus by Cara's family. Cara will employ
universal >precautions at all times. This accommodation applies to any
field trip or >extracurricular activity on or off of school premises. >
>2.3 Cara is to have unrestricted access to either an in-class school
>telephone or personal cellular phone for the sole purpose of consulting
with >her parents regarding her diabetes management. This will minimize
the need >for Cara to exit the classroom and maximize valuable in-class
learning time. > >2.4 Staff should reinforce positive behaviors
associated with Cara's >diabetes care (e.g., blood sugar checks, treating
low or high blood sugars) >with positive comments, as appropriate.
Regardless of Cara's blood sugar >level (i.e. the "numbers"), staff
should respond without judgment. This will >positively reinforce the
behavior of doing blood sugar checks and >disassociate Cara's glucose
numbers with perceived success or failure in >managing her diabetes. > >
>3. Snacks and Meals > >3.1 Cara will be permitted to have snacks at any
time any where on campus >as a means for responsibly treating
hypoglycemia / maintaining blood glucose >control. (As mentioned earlier,
this will also include school-sponsored >transport vehicles or off-campus
school-sponsored locations.) > >3.2 Staff will make accommodations to
facilitate Cara exiting the classroom >for lunch at the same time as her
classmates. Cara must do at least one blood >sugar check at school which
is prior to lunch. > >3.3 Cara will not be admonished for responsibly
treating hypoglycemia by >eating/drinking while being transported in a
school-sponsored vehicle. > > >4. Water and Bathroom Access > >4.1 Cara
will be permitted to have unlimited access to water and restrooms
>whenever needed to enable her to treat "lows" and "highs" responsibly.
This >may include water bottles for use in-class as well as the drinking
fountain. > > > > > > >5. Field Trips and Extracurricular Activities >
>5.1 Cara will be permitted to participate in any field trip and
>extracurricular activities (such as sports, clubs and enrichment
programs) >without restriction and with all of the accommodations and
modifications, >including necessary supervision, as set forth in this
plan. Cara's parents >will not be required to accompany her on field
trips or any other school >activity. > >5.2 Cara's school choices shall
in no way be restricted because of her >diabetes, nor should she be
denied access or prohibited from participating in >school activities
(e.g. field trips) and programs including, but not limited >to,
school-sponsored before-school or after-school extracurricular
>activities. > > >6. Tests and Classroom Work > >6.1 If Cara is affected
by high or low blood glucose levels at the time of >regular or
standardized testing, she will be permitted to take the test at >another
time without penalty. High blood glucose is defined as over 220 and >low
blood glucose as under 80. > >6.2 If Cara needs to take breaks to use the
water fountain or bathroom, do >a blood glucose test, or to treat
hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia during a test >or a classroom assignment,
she will be given extra time to finish the test or >assignment without
penalty. > >6.3 Cara will not be penalized for absences or tardiness
required for >medical appointments or illness. > > >7. Daily Instructions
> >7.1 Staff/Cara will notify parents immediately if Cara vomits, feels
ill, >infusion set becomes dislodged, pump alarm is sounded. > >7.2 Upon
being notified by Cara or school personnel of a pump malfunction,
>parents will determine if there is a pump problem. If so, one of Cara's
>parents will come to school within a reasonable timeframe (30 minutes)
to >remedy situation. If this timeframe is not feasible, parent will
provide >instructions for Cara to use pre-drawn syringes, which will be
stored in the >school nurse's office refrigerator. Parent will notify
school nurse or DDCP >and confirm dosage of pre-drawn syringe. > >7.3
Staff should be informed that Cara is wearing a medical device that
>resembles a pager. She should never be admonished for wearing a "pager"
on >school grounds. > >7.4 Cara and/or staff will notify parents if blood
sugar is <70 or >240. > >7.5 Staff will provide a secure place to store
the pump during times when >Cara may remove the pump (e.g. H.P.E.) > >7.6
Staff will encourage acceptance of Cara's medical needs. All efforts >to
allow her to feel normal (vs. isolated, sick, different) shall be
pursued. > >7.7 Staff is to notify parents at least one day in advance,
if feasible, >of any special activities that might impact Cara's diabetes
management. >Examples include: off-campus walks, field trips, parties
with food, running >the mile, food treats for in-class rewards. > >7.8
Staff will help elicit peer student understanding and support, as
>appropriate and needed. The school will take an active role, when
>appropriate, to educate students about the significance of peer
acceptance >for any individual with medical disabilities. > >7.9 Cara
will always have appropriate supplies in her backpack for >treating
"lows". This includes glucose tablets and/or juice box. The >homeroom
teacher will also be given a supply of these items for both in-class >use
and the emergency classroom kit. > >7.10 Cara should never be left
unattended if she is suspected of being >"low". Staff or another 'buddy'
student should escort Cara to access her >DIAPAK. > >7.11 If Cara becomes
too "low" she could have a seizure or become >unconscious. IF AND ONLY IF
the school nurse's office. > >7.12 If a situation should arise where the
school is unable to reach the >parents, school personnel should call the
UCSF Pediatric Diabetes Emergency >pager at (415) 719-9086 for medical
assistance. > > > >


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